Forest Gora Onsen

~ Forest Gora Onsen 5 Relaxation ~

1. Relaxing with cooking
Dinner pride is full of luxury cuisine!
According to the season, craftsmen put together the most seasonal ingredients at the time season to make it.
Even if consecutive nights stay, the menu will change everyday!
※ The pictures on the page are past menus

Breakfast is health-conscious!
Grilled fish, attentive cold weather, omelette etc. The menu changes according to the season here as well.
Japanese food center. We are preparing a breakfast where you can enjoy the morning feeling abundantly.

2. Relaxing on a hot spring
Forest Hot Springs at Gora Onsen, Uchimu, family baths [Fuji] and family baths [Hakone] is a hot spring that can be all reserved.
You can enjoy a special time at the hot spring of Gora.

3. Relaxing in your room
We are waiting for you in a room that is clean and modern theme.
There is all the room part (The suite is the Western-style room with bed and western-style part)

4. Relaxing in green
There is a beautiful garden that changes its expression depending on the season.
Beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, lush green in summer, magnificent autumn leaves in fall, overlooking mountains stained with snowy scenery in winter.

5. Relaxing with a smile
Kimono staff welcomes guests with a smile and a warm and bright customer service.

It is a modern Japanese-style space full of emotional expressions every season.
Please spend a relaxing time with Hiroshi of luxurious hot spring inn.


· Check in is from 15:00 to 18:00
· Check out is from 08:00 to 10:00
* Children's accommodation permitted (Bed addition fee is 1500 yen per night)
At our inn, if transportation on the day of the stay is public transport, we offer free pick up service to Gora station.
It is a pleasure to accompany a word when booking when you wish to transfer.
Even when you arrive at Gora station on the day you wish, please contact the hotel.